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Cerebral Palsy Best Man Reads Speech

Identical twin brothers Kyle and Korey became online sensations last month after a recorded version of their amazing expression of brotherly love hit the internet.

In January last year Kyle Soderman got married, but it wasn’t the ceremony that caught everyone’s attention – it was the best man’s speech, written by his brother Korey who has lived with cerebral palsy since birth.

The twin’s parents Wendy and Kris Soderman explained how they were forced to make a life or death decision after Korey stopped growing at 20 weeks causing his heart to fail at 32 weeks.

“He was one pound,” Wendy said, “They said he would not be normal physically. But they didn’t know the extent but we would risk our normal son if we chose to save him. It was our choice to make and they stepped out of the room and gave us 3 minutes.”

“We looked at each other and love is unconditional, or it’s supposed to be,” she said. She said all she could think of was Kenny Loggins singing, “This is it. Your miracle. Stand up and fight.”

“So we saved my miracle,” she said.

The twins were born 2 weeks prematurely during an emergency caesarean section and Korey was quickly diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, leaving him unable to walk or talk.

Fast-forward 25 years and the twins continue to be inseparable, so when Kyle got engaged, there was no doubt about who his best man was going to be. With Korey unable to speak, Kyle read his brothers speech out loud, which began:

“All our lives, I’ve used my voice to help Korey express his thoughts.  So today, like always, I will use my brother’s voice and say his words for him.”

As the speech continued, Korey’s words brought both smiles and happy tears to the eyes of Kyle and the guests in attendance.

Stories ranged from embarrassing childhood anecdotes to kindhearted memories and finally a “tip” for Kyle’s new bride Jess:

“Jess 411—take it from me…you have a partner for life who will look out you and love you unconditionally.”

Asked what it was like to speak the words his brother had written for his wedding day, Kyle Soderman replied, “There was a two second delay of reading the text and what it meant. It really hit me.”

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