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CP Teens Report High Quality of Life

New research published by academics at Newcastle University has revealed that adolescents with cerebral palsy have a quality of life equal to their able bodied peers.

The study is the first to track the quality of life of young people living with cerebral palsy from childhood through to adolescence.

Research focused on 431 participants (aged 8-17) from 9 different European regions.

The adolescents self-reported their experiences in a questionnaire which quizzed them on 10 different areas of life quality. The results were then compared to answers given by children who were not living with cerebral palsy.

The results were optimistic, with adolescents with cerebral palsy rating their overall quality of life as comparable to that of their able bodied peers. Not only that, they actually reported better quality of life in several areas which included moods and emotions, self-perception, autonomy, relationships with parents, and school life.

Professor of Community Child Health at Newcastle University and lead author of the study Allan Colver, said: “Our results are encouraging. Across 10 different areas of life, adolescents with cerebral palsy only ranked their quality of friend and peer relationships as on average lower than adolescents in the general population, challenging the widespread perception that adolescents with disabilities have unhappy, unfulfilled lives.”

Despite the many challenges adolescents face on their cerebral palsy journey, it’s encouraging to hear that they are living lives which are happy and fulfilled.

There are a number of things which can affect a child’s quality of life when they are living with cerebral palsy, including pain, psychological issues, parenting stress and relationships with their peers.

We’re not surprised by the positive results from this study, but many parents may still be concerned about what kind of quality of life their child will have after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

With a little planning and strong family support you can ensure your child achieves and maintains a high quality of life as they grow up.

If you believe that your child has cerebral palsy as a result of medical negligence you could make a claim for compensation that would ensure your child remains financially secure and enable to receive the best standard of care throughout their life.

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