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Cerebral Palsy Girl Walks Down Aisle as Bridesmaid

Walking down the aisle is a daunting enough task for anyone, but a young girl with cerebral palsy was able to transform her and her family’s life as she took her first steps at her aunties wedding with the aid of a miracle new device.

Bella Luckett, aged 4 was born three weeks early, but there was no cause for concern at the birth.

Her parents started to suspect something was wrong when Bella wasn’t developing at the same rate as other children her age, and by the time Bella was 18 months old she wasn’t able to sit properly, let alone stand or walk. After an MRI scan, a specialist soon confirmed that Bella had spastic diplegia, a type of cerebral palsy that causes muscle stiffness in the legs.

Bella was given a walking frame and a special buggy to help her to travel, and Botox injections to help relax the muscles in her legs.

Bella’s Aunty Louise had asked the 4 year old to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, but after the effects of the Botox weren’t as effective as the family had hoped, her parents began to lose hope of her ever walking down the aisle.

That was until Dad Gary, came across the newly launched ‘Upsee’ online, a device which helps disabled children become mobile. The Upsee was invented by the mother of a child with cerebral palsy, and was launched in March. The garment is made up of a harness, which attaches to a belt worn by an adult, and ‘double sandals’ that allow the parent to lift the child’s foot with each step.

The device was kept a secret from Bella until the wedding day, as her parents were worried that she wouldn’t like it or something would go wrong. Their fears proved to be unfounded as Bella made her way up the aisle, using her dad for support.

Her proud father Gary said:

“Bella said she felt like a princess, like Cinderella. She’s not stopped smiling”

“She had lots of fun wearing the harness and enjoyed the freedom it gave her. She took it all in her stride. She’s got more stamina than me – she didn’t stop dancing at the reception!”

He added: “We’ve had quite a bit of attention. It’s really nice to be able to raise awareness of disabled children and these sorts of things.”

The Upsee can be found in sizes to fit one to eight-year-olds and has already helped children around the world.

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